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About Graviquip

Who we are

We are a waterproofing and drainage contractor. We are a professional contractor who specializes in installing systems to prevent water intrusion into buildings, particularly basements, foundations, tunnels, and other below-grade structures.

We are skilled in diagnosing waterproofing issues, designing effective solutions, and implementing the necessary systems to keep buildings dry and structurally sound.

Our Mission

Quality Service Delivery: One primary goal for a waterproofing company is to provide high-quality services to its customers consistently. This involves using top-notch waterproofing materials, employing skilled professionals, and ensuring that allprojects are completed to the highest standards.

Customer Satisfaction: Another important objective is to prioritize customer
satisfaction. This can be achieved by understanding and meeting the specific
needs of clients, providing excellent customer service, and ensuring timely
project completion.

Business Growth: A key goal for any business is sustainable growth. For a
waterproofing company, this could involve expanding its client base, increasing
market share, or diversifying services to cater to a wider range of waterproofing

Innovation and Adaptation: Staying ahead in the industry requires innovation
and adaptation to new technologies and trends. A goal for a waterproofing
company could be to continuously improve its methods, adopt eco-friendly
practices, or develop new solutions for emerging waterproofing challenges.

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Waterproofing Excellence

From battling the relentless humidity with expert dampproofing to fortifying your structure against torrential rains with steadfast waterproofing solutions, we are your partners in unmatched service.

Our meticulous roof repairs ensure that even the fiercest storms are no match for your shelter. Trust in our expertise to weatherproof your home or business, ensuring peace of mind no matter what the elements throw your way.

Extending Protection Beyond Harare

Protecting your property from nature’s unpredictable elements is essential, especially in Harare and its surrounding areas.

Our weatherproofing services serve as the stronghold of defence, ensuring your peace of mind.

Graviquip your trusted waterproofing partner in harare

Weatherproofing for Property Owners

Protecting your Property With Our Weatherproofing Solution

Graviquip focuses its waterproofing efforts on various elements of the building such as corners, lintels, columns, window jambs, headers, sills, and the strip of concrete or “deck” that protrudes along the outside of the building. All these elements require a high-quality waterproofing system to ensure that water does not enter the structure.

We use different types of waterproofing systems—Hyper Desmo Systems, Zebra, Terraco, Bituver Plastics, and Alcolin products—based on the specific needs and condition of the building.

In addition to waterproofing behind the brick or element, there is often a coating in front of the element—a clear water-repellent applied over the surface. Exposed elements like balcony decks and ceilings, in particular, are exposed to harsh weather and changing temperatures. They can develop cracks, allowing water to seep behind or into the element, which can ultimately lead to concrete damage. These elements need to be patched and coated with a proper system to prevent further damage.

We cover the Harare and surrounding areas. Here are some of the areas we offer our dampproofing and waterproofing service: Borrowdale, Glen Lorne, The Grange, Quinnington, Brookview, Greystone Park, Pomona, Gletwin Park, Carrick Creagh, Colne Valley, Umwimsidale, Groombridge, Arundel, Vainona